Secret Emo
Why do you have to use bad language? It only makes you look stupid.

I use bad language as you call it because if I write it then I feel strongly about it. I write exactly what I think and anyone with a problem can easily something else to do besides criticize how I decide to word my sentences.

A ghost in an abandoned school just tried to kill me.

I pried the lock open with a hammer as it was bolted into the brick. The minute I got it open we walked in and it led right to a classroom. We walked throught the side doors until about three classes down, the floor started creaking even after we stopped walking. No big deal right? Finally we walk into the main hallway. I look left, then right with the flashlight. Nothing. I look straight ahead, fuse box. The second I take a step towards the fuse box, a bloodcurdling scream comes out of nowhere. Fucked up part? There was no echo, and the screaming didn’t start out low and get loud. A straight scream from far away in an old building AND NO ECHO? In the split second it seems the scream got closer. This all took about two seconds and me and my two friends turned around and hauled ASS out of there. Where did we run THE POLICE STATION. Why? Brightly lit, nothing can get to us there. On seconds thought. How the fuck would bulletproof glass protect us from ghosts? Best part? I walk out my front door and this place is no more than 200 ft away across the street……